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Rollerball - For World Peace

Rollerball is the future of international relationships. We've all seen 'Rollerball' and we've all wished it was real, and all of us have wanted to be one of the moped riders, but have we ever thought of the implications it could have if we made it an olympic sport?

Rollerball is the ideal sport for venting a country's anger. Would we not save billions of pounds a year if we didn't have to send men and women to wars 95% of us don't even approve of? This is the answer. Put 10 men (plus subs.) from either country into an arena to fight for victory and break each others bones in the process.

As an indoor person, I can honestly say Rollerball is the first sport that has made me want to go out and play it, or even just support it. This could be for the future of our young people and the very structure of our planets politics.

We all know Rollerball will become a real sport some day, but let's make it now. Rollerball is the answer.

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